Inspiration Vol. 1

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Riangle Team

We would like to share some of the websites that inspired us to redesign ours just a year after we went live with v3 in January 2020. Some have amazing font combination, some creative motions, great presentations and more. We highly recommend you give them a look and get inspired.

Kati Forner

Very simple but so bold, they let the work speak for itself. Beautiful website, amazing work and presentation. If you are in packaging design, highly recommend following them.


5S Visual Content Strategy says it takes 7 seconds to make an impression but they do it in 5, true story. They made a great eye catching website, with a lot of smooth motions.

Zhenya Rynzhuk

Amazing designer, love all her work, highly recommend to follow her and keep up with the latest trends. Her personal website is just a flow of amazing animations and movements.

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