Riangle redesign Version 4

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Riangle Team

It’s true when they say the hardest to make is your own portfolio. It took us a year to wrap up the v4 for Riangle. We are very satisfied with the final results, every element was made with special care and hope you will like it too. Take a look at the past versions and see how we have evolved and grown over the years.

Riangle Version 1

Riangle was born in 2015, before that there were a lot of websites and different names, as they say through trial and error we prevail.
Created by Luan, the main focus was him, his work and working process. Fresh out of college, he did a lot of different works and in the meantime learned, made connections and expanded his horizon.

Riangle Version 2

Launched in 2017, this version showed Luans road, in just few years he moved from Milan to Podgorica to Zurich, started working with clients from all over the world, ready to take on any challenge. His work started to gain a lot of attention and recognitions from important names like Awwwards, CSS Designs Awards and many more

Riangle Version 3

In January 2020 (just before the world and life as we know changed for everyone) we launched Riangle v3. Very minimalistic design, but concentrated on interactions and motion of each element. This was the year when Kristina joined officially the Riangle team. We won Site of the Day at Mindsparkle Mag and Honorable Mention on Awwwards.

Riangle Version 4

And then once more the masterpiece 😎, we felt like we needed to add a bit more of a personality. We focused on performance and animations. The latest iteration includes also Stories, a custom CMS for our blog. It's built using our own open-source tools: Cherry and Nextify. If we can do it, you can do it too 🤘

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