VideoJobs Project —

Branding and Implementation

VideoJobs — Browse through open job positions and impress with a video.

The main goal of the platform is to show the insights of the work environment and to make it easy to apply for your next dream job.

VideoJobs is part of Collocio family, using a similar flow, offers to the Recruiters a chance to present the opening job positions in a video and to show the world how cool they are.

Interested Candidates can easily check the positions and get a vibe of the future workplace, applying with video and CV.

VideoJobs Collocio GmbH — 2019Brand Identity / Print / Webdesign / Implementation

Job Board

VideoJobs — Is a Swiss Video Job Board. The employer or future colleagues describe the open position on video.

Offering a guide through the filming, editing and publishing of VideoJob post. A preview VideoJob post takes one click to be shared on favorite social media channels like LinkedIn or Twitter. Candidates applications are accessible in the Employer area.

VideoJobs for Recruiters — Checking your applicants is easy and organized. The recruiter can even filter the results and watch the video application.

The recruiter can also check more details, leave a note or email them.