City Flag and emblem Project —

Flag and Emblem for Tuzi City

Tuzi — Is a newly formed city in Montenegro, in need for a new flag and emblem design.

Since we were born and raised there we had a clear vision on how we wanted to look like and what we wanted to represent. We highlighted the main characteristics of the city, what we all think the first time we mention the city Tuzi.

The main focus is the big mountain called “Deçici” and behind is the sun rising, representing a new beginning for the community. But that is not just any sun, it is also the sun of Illyrian people, our predecessors.

Tuzi — 2019Flag / Emblem


Details — The sun represents the newly beginning and connect us with out Illyrian predecessors, the nine triangles, in an abstract way are rapresenting the mountains surrounding the city.

The flowing river represents the main river called Cemi. The year 1222 is when the first time the name of Tuzi was mentioned on records, while grape leaves represent the agriculture that people do generations after generations.

City Flag