Spirited Project —

Spirited Logo and Webdesign

Spirited — Is a new way of charity, where you can help people all around the world.

The goal was to make a unique, inviting and fun looking website for all interested parties.

We mixed colors of green to create a smooth gradient for the logo and used it throughout the website.

Spirited — 2018Logo / Webdesign / Dashboard

Spirited Logo — The logo is created from carefully crafted fonts and icons. Since the client wanted to call the bidders “Genies” the idea was to integrate that in the logo. With that in mind, the letter S has a similar look to the genie or genie smoke coming.

Distinguished part of the genie is his bottle and we went with the simplest version, but one that you can impliedly tell what it is going on.

Charity Website

Dashboard — Whether you are a Brand/Agency, Influencer or Charity, campaigns can be easily published and managed from the dashboard area, created with care to be well organized.