Nightset Project —

Nightset iOS App

Nightset — Is a mobile platform that connects the entire nightlife ecosystem.

A companion for the night, the app allows people to discover the best party in town, broadcast their night to the public in real-time, book events and guest lists, and meet like-minded people.

Venue owners can communicate, promote, and engage with users directly through the app, ensuring more successful nights for partygoers and nightlife businesses alike.

Nightset — 2017Logo Design / App Design


Nightset Logo — Nightset logo is composed of a colorful rainbow pictogram and a simple black or white typography.

The logo can be used in two different compositions. Horizontally and vertically.


Nightset iOS App — Is full of informations and devided in few sections for easy use.

In LIVE you can check your feed, what your friends are doing as well as check real time map with all clubs and events happening around you.

In DISCOVER you can find upcoming events happening in you city or check Venues in details, like when they open, do they accept credit cards, dress code and much more.

Play on Nightset — If you are looking for someone to party with you can check PLAY section and check who around you has the same taske in music, events and more.

Send a message a drink or a dance invite and party on.