GoPablo open source tool —

GoPablo static site generator

GoPablo — Is a static site generator with a modern development workflow, integrated web server, auto-reload, CSS preprocessors, and ES6 ready.

It helps you create fast landing pages. Good for marketing teams or just developers who want to quickly boostrap a HTML & CSS and JavaScript website.

A simple templating syntax is supported to stay code DRY (don't repeat yourself). The static output of the website can be deployed to Netlify with one command.

It works on all platforms Mac, Windows and Linux. Free and open source. Check it out on GitHub.

Installation — Installing GoPablo is made as easy and as simple as possible. Just follow the steps on your Terminal and you are ready to go.

It just takes a few minutes. Enjoy!

// Step 1: Install GoPablo from NPM *
$ sudo npm i gopablo -g

// Step 2: Create a directory for the new website and from there
// run GoPablo to generate the file structure *
$ gopablo

// Write your website
$ npm run dev

// Generate distribution files
$ npm run prod

// Deploy
$ netlify deploy --prod


// * Step 1 and 2 are part of the installation process.