Golden Gate Project —

Golden Gate Branding and Webdesign

Golden Gate — Is the number one company of tiles and Interior Design in Montenegro.

We have been working with them for almost a decade. From redesigning the logo for branding, marketing, advertising, social media, print, digital, support and more.

The idea here is to mix classism with modernism to create a hybrid style. We did this with typography, combining Museo -a classic font with Futura -a simpler and more modern font.

Golden Gate — 2015Branding / Advertising / E-Commerce Website

Golden Gate Logo — The name Golden Gate came as an inspiration from the clients visit to California.

Since the name is a little longer, we needed a unique pictogram that we can use across advertising and be easily recognizable that is representing Golden Gate.

We combined the first two letters and made them face each other, symbolizing the connection of a bridge and the trust between the company with its clients.

Website — The latest redesign of the website was made in 2017, first version with online shopping.

We decided to use WordPress and WooCommerce because they are very easy to use, even for people that don’t have much digital experience.

Side note: This was our first WordPress website and the reason why WordPressify came to be.