Collocio Project —

Branding and Webdesign

Collocio — Is a recruiting platform that helps both parties, those looking for a job and those looking to hire.

We needed to bring order and harmony for both the recruiter and the candidate.

The website has the same flow for both parties. Recruiter making a short video with the job description where the potential candidate can easily apply.

Users can do all inside the platform, from video calls to meetings and even signing the contract.

Collocio GmbH — 2018Brand Identity / Print / Webdesign

Job Board

The Idea

Collocio is an innovative interactive recruitment platform based on video communication. It brings people and companies together.

The Name

The name collocio comes from the Latin words: collocutio, collocutionis which means: conversation (private), discussion, debate or talking together.

Collocio for Recruiter — For a recruiter is very important to find out about the candidate as much as possible in a short amount of time.

If the candidate made a good impression with the video, the recruiter can invite other colleagues to check it out, and being able to leave comments helps.

Setting a phone call, video interview or a face to face meeting is easy. After all, you can even sign the contract and welcome the new member.

Collocio for Candidates — This platform offers candidates a sneak peek inside the company beforehand.

Interested candidate can apply with a short video and follow up with potential positions on their dashboard. From applying to signing the contract, all in one place.