AVA-X Project —

AVA-X Branding and Website/UI

AVA-X — Offers solutions for identifying people through artificial intelligence. Is specialized in the development of digital identification products.

Thanks to the extensive use of artificial intelligence, AVA-X offers the fastest identification service in the world. The products are already used in the financial and telecom industry as well by the federal governments.

AVA-X — 2018Logo Design / Website Design / UX / UI


AVA-X Logo — The idea behind the logo is a combination of waves, shield and planet rings.

With all this in mind, we made a very simple logo with three same V shaped lines representing the word AVA and a powerful X made out of the same shape but rotated in 45°, which can also be used as a pattern.


AVA-X — Believes in the combination of human and artificial intelligence. Identify, recognise and locate people. As Search Innovators they go beyond the normal search engines, structure data in powerful databases and make the information directly actionable for clients.

Driven by passion for technology they build solutions that matter. A closely knit team of software developers, data scientists, researchers, designers, architects and business developers dedicated to leaving an impact.